For large scale projects, sometimes a standard skip doesn’t cut it. That’s where ROROs come in! A Roll On Roll Off Skip is one of the biggest waste containers in the industry, specially designed to load, store, and remove immense quantities of non-hazardous waste.

Established in 2010, ETM Recycling are leading the way when it comes to waste management. From our state-of-the-art Materials Recovering Facility, we process 150,000 tonnes of waste each year and recycle at least 98% of it.

In this guide, we explain everything you need to know if you’re thinking about hiring a Roll On Roll Off skip.

What is a Roll On Roll Off (RORO) Skip?

RORO skips are essentially truck attachments. They are large waste containers that can be rolled on and off a flatbed transport truck, this method of operation allowing them to be much larger and carry a much greater volume of material.

Their size means they have to be stored off-road, making them more suitable for commercial use, especially on large construction projects. They can be used for large-scale domestic projects, such as full home renovations or home builds, so long as there is a suitable place to store the skip.

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Benefits of RORO Skip Hire

Whatever type of project or industry you work in, hiring a RORO skip as part of your waste management plan can be a great option. Below, we go through some of the key benefits.

Large-Scale Clearances

Of course, the key advantage of RORO skips is their size. Able to safely contain huge quantities of mixed waste, they make it easy for busy construction sites and more to rapidly clear areas on a vast scale.

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Cost Effective

As a result of their large capacity, RORO skips are highly cost effective. This is because is it likely you will require fewer bins and, as a result, fewer collections. For businesses watching their pennies, hiring a RORO is an economical way to manage waste.

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Environmentally Friendly

Fewer skip deliveries and fewer collections? That means less time on the road for your waste management provider’s trucks, and less emissions as a result. Using ROROs is therefore a great way to make your project a little greener, and reduce your business’ overall carbon footprint.

Working with ETM Recycling can boost your eco-credentials even further. We’re passionate about helping businesses discover how easy and economical recycling can be, because effective waste management doesn’t have to cost the earth!

Ensures Safe Worksite

A clear and tidy construction site is vital, and RORO skip hire can help achieve it. These skips make loading and managing waste streams on a project easy whatever the sector, meaning the site is likely to get cleared more quickly and stay cleared. This minimises hazards and other health and safety risks, resulting in a safer work environment for all.

Easier to Unload

RORO skips have a tipper door, meaning unloading can be completed without the need for lifting equipment. This makes the whole process much more straightforward and facilitates the easy movement of heavy and bulky waste.

Streamlined Waste Solution

Finally, as we have discussed, RORO hire means you will need to arrange fewer bins and fewer collections. This will make your waste management plan simpler, and result in less disruption all round. Construction and other industrial projects are often held to strict deadlines; ROROs can help you meet them.

What Can I Put in a RORO Skip?

The great thing about RORO skips is they can accommodate a wide range of non-hazardous waste types. These can include everything from hardcore like rubble, masonry, and bricks to groundworks waste such as sand, gravel, and topsoil. They can also be used to dispose of things like furniture, glass, cardboard, bathroom and kitchen fittings, and even UPVC. As a general rule, if it fits and it doesn’t contain anything dangerous or volatile, you can probably put it in there!

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Roll On Roll Off Skip Sizes

At ETM Recycling, we offer RORO skips in sizes of 16, 20, and 40 cubic yards.

The size of RORO skip you choose will depend upon the type of waste you are producing. It’s important to choose the right one as overloading the skip is not allowed due to loading regulations, and underloading means unnecessary costs.

Another thing to keep in mind is that heavy waste may only be suitable for smaller RORO sizes due to weight restrictions, whereas light bulky rubbish can be ideal for the larger ones – get in touch for specific guidance!

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a RORO Skip?

The amount you will be charged for RORO skip hire will depend upon various factors, including size required, location, length of hire, and volume of waste. To gain an accurate idea of the costs, contact us for a free, no obligation quote. We’ll take into account your specific requirements and create a tailored waste management solution just for you, whatever the scale of your project.

Uses for RORO Skips

RORO skips are ideal for big construction projects, industrial applications, as well as some other large scale commercial uses. Building or demolition sites as well as manufacturing centres frequently incorporate ROROs into their waste management because they produce large quantities of waste, making smaller bin sizes impractical. ROROs can also be used for domestic applications where the site permits their safe off-road storage.

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Hire Your Roll On Roll Off Skip with ETM Today

If you think you might need the extra capacity of a RORO skip, talk to the ETM team. Whether it’s a one off site clearance or regular collections, we can listen to your requirements and design the perfect waste management solution for you. For urgent clearances or projects with tight deadlines, we can even deliver our ROROs the next day!

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