Cardboard Recycling.

ETM handle 40 tonnes of cardboard each month, this is brought into our state of the art recycling centre in our own bins, both mixed and single waste.

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How We Process Cardboard.

By combining the very best in feeders, screens and air separation, our MRF (Materials Recycling Facility) is designed to achieve maximum recovery of cardboard.

ETM Recycling have a hydraulic baler on site at the Recycling Centre. The baler is used to compress and compact recyclable materials such as cardboard. The bale compacts the recycled waste stream into a large bale, this process makes the material easier to handle, store and transport. By baling ETM can transport a larger amount of waste at any one time, this significantly decreases our carbon footprint as it significantly decreases the number of journeys we need to make.

Once baled our cardboard is transported to a UK mill for final processing, where it is pulped and recycled back in to cardboard. ETM endeavour to keep their cardboard within the UK and since inception have built a strong network of links to the UK mills and processing facilities.

ETM provide enclosed skips, roro’s and wheelie bins for cardboard waste.

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Supporting a leading independent construction company divert 99% of waste from landfill.

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Working in partnership with Bristol Waste to divert a number of waste streams from landfill.