Recycled Materials.

ETM Recycling supply a wide variety of recycled building materials and aggregates and are constantly looking to expand the range of building materials we can provide our customers.

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Concrete is made from a mix of cement, aggregates and water. Aggregates make up the majority of the concrete’s volume and the cement provides resistance. Additives are incorporated into the mix to ensure particular properties such as improved durability or shortened hardening times. During the mixing phase, we control every step to ensure quality and uniformity.

ETM Recycling provide a convenient service for those looking for building supplies in Bristol, supplying concrete & screed when you want, and in whatever quantities you need.


Screened Topsoil is a sandy loamed topsoil. This top soil goes through our screening process to remove stones and lumps of soil bigger than 15mm leaving a fine soil. ETM Building Supplies Bristol are able to supply topsoil in loads of 1 to 20 tonnes throughout Bristol. Our secreened soil is a cost effective solution for landscaping projects and is produced to a high standard.

Recycled Aggregates & Crushed Stone.

We offer a range of stone recycled crushed stone and quarried type 1 they both consist of stone 75mm or smaller and about 25% of which is ‘fines’ or dust. All the aggregates we produce have been Local Authority approved. These are readily available from our depot in South Bristol. These can be purchased at varied quantities. We also offer a delivery service.

Quality Protocol.

ETM operates an integrated waste management system (IWMS) certificated to ISO 14001. It is a requirement of our IWMS to continuously improve and ETM places material testing as the core of our continuous improvement programme.

ETM manages a range of waste streams for clients that can be recycled back into fully recovered ‘End of Waste’ recycled aggregates. In order to do this we have implemented strict protocols to ensure that the aggregates we produce perform in exactly the same way as quarried aggregates.

Our main products are Type 1 and 6F5 recycled aggregates and these are tested in accordance with our WRAP Quality Manual to ensure that the WRAP Quality Protocol for Recycled Aggregates is complied with in full. We use ACS Testing Ltd to do all our Grading and Constituents test on a monthly basis and full chemicals testing in accordance with Specification for Highway Works (SHW).

In addition to ACS testing we undertake a variety of other lab testing in accordance with our WM3 compliance systems and this has led to ETM pioneering a new approach to the management of contaminants involving Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons and benzo(a)pyrene. ETM has partnered with MTS Environmental Ltd to undertake rapid testing of material to identify the correct route for ‘Asphalt Wastes Containing Coal Tar’ (AWCCT) using UV spectroscopy rapid testing technology. This ensures that all ETM recycled aggregates are not contaminated when used back into highway works.

By continuously testing our materials in accordance with the specifications and investing in new technology we have been able to continuously improve the quality of aggregate used in the construction of ETM and client highways schemes. Our clients now see our material in the same way that they used to see quarried aggregates; only our material has significantly less embedded carbon and we are protecting the raw aggregate resources for future generations.’

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