From industrial giants to domestic properties, everyone creates waste every second of every day. And it has to go somewhere.

In our evermore environmentally conscious world, waste and how it is managed has become a pressing issue. Effective waste removal services will ensure waste is well managed and all appropriate alternate options are explored before resulting in landfill. Following the waste management hierarchy, businesses and waste removers alike work towards preventing waste, reusing materials, and recycling, viewing landfill as a final option.

Businesses creating waste are legally required to manage it, so that’s why waste removal services and managers like our team at ETM Recycling exist. We help businesses sort waste without the hassle. Able to process a range of waste and supply various waste removal services, waste transfer centres like ETM’s serve as the ultimate solution to domestic and trade waste management.

Types of Waste for Removal

Almost any kind of waste can be removed. Waste created from commercial activity is deemed business waste, which can also include waste from construction, demolition, industry, and agriculture.

In order to be compliant, business waste must be properly dealt with. The government encourages businesses to reduce waste through utilising the waste management hierarchy and placing emphasis on reusing and recycling.

Other types of waste removed by services include general waste, hazardous waste and recyclable waste. Hazardous waste is anything that poses a threat to the environment and human health, requiring specific care and handling.  This includes batteries, aerosols, paints and oils.

Site Waste Management Audit

Though not legally required, construction businesses in particular may benefit from performing a site waste management audit.

This audit assesses what waste is created, how and in what quantities. It is formed of three parts:

  1. What the common materials are that become waste.
  2. When waste is produced. Are there points in projects where more is created?
  3. Where waste can be prevented. Are there ordering changes that can be made? Or better waste removal methods?

From the site waste management audit, a site waste management plan can be created, outlining how waste will be dealt with. The audit and plan may be construction based, but the concept is useful and transferable across business.

Any business owner or premises manager would benefit from having a comprehensive idea of what waste is produced and in what quantities before implementing a waste management plan or waste removal service.

Types of Waste Removal Services

Depending on the type of waste and quantity, different methods of removal may be appropriate. Once a business has assessed the waste it produces, from general to hazardous or recyclable, a waste removal service can be put in place.

Trade Waste Bins

Useful for businesses with variable waste amounts, trade waste bins are large and can be emptied according to a contract on a regular basis. Different bins can be allocated for different waste, ensuring recyclable waste is separated and sorted by staff before it is removed. This does, however, rely on businesses accurately and reliably sorting their own waste.

Bins hired from a waste removal service are also very scalable, allowing businesses to simply hire more if their waste increases. Trade waste bins are a popular waste removal service for commercial businesses such as shops, office spaces, and restaurants. As they are easily movable, scalable and adaptable for recycling, trade waste bins handle large amounts of waste and are usually regularly emptied.

Skip Hire

Skips for hire can be brought to business premises, filled at a rate the business requires, then removed. Skips give businesses the freedom to remove their waste at a rate that suits them, with flexibility in the drop off and pick up dates.

Skips on a road or public highway will require a permit from the local council, so before hiring one, be sure to check permissions with the authorities.

Looking for skip hire in the South West? ETM are the leading skip hire company in Bristol, supplying a range of skip sizes and ensuring contents are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. With sizes from 4, 6, 8, 10, 12ft, we have a skip fit for any waste removal project. Hire a skip with ETM Recycling now.

Grab Hire

Ideal for larger waste removal for construction or industrial sites, grab lorries can provide a cost-effective waste removal service.

Instead of ordering multiple skips of varying sizes to accommodate large amounts of waste, grab lorries can be a simple waste removal solution. With extensive reach of up to six metres, grab lorries can quickly and easily move waste, even from areas with restricted access.

Hire a grab lorry with ETM and get the ultimate waste removal service, with an experienced, qualified driver. Let your grab hire load itself while your team continue to work away.

Hazardous Waste Removal Services

Hazardous waste requires particular attention to ensure the waste has no harmful effects on people or the environment. Hazardous waste removal services offer collections to handle bulk liquid disposal, clinical waste, aerosol recycling, and battery disposal amongst other removals.

Hazardous waste separating stations are waste containers explicitly labelled for particular hazardous materials. This can streamline the removal process and ensure that all materials needing specific disposal methods get sorted correctly.

Significant to implementing any hazardous waste removal service is a clear understanding of how much hazardous waste a business makes. Concerning hazardous waste, it is essential a business performs a waste management audit to recognise hazards and the best way to dispose of them.

Waste Removal Services in Bristol with ETM Recycling

ETM Recycling have put Bristol at the forefront of recycling industry, aided by our state-of-the-art Materials Recovery Facility and dedication to reducing landfill. We specialise in creating flexible solutions for SMEs, ensuring that every business can recycle regardless of cost and hours. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide reliable waste removal services that work for businesses as well as the environment.

If you want to hire a skip, get advice on waste management, or help us achieve our goal of recycling 100% of waste we receive, get in contact with the waste experts today. We have a waste service for you.

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