Every business has waste management needs, regardless of their industry or size. Understanding how to minimise and effectively recycle/dispose of waste can prevent a business gathering burdensome amounts of waste and potentially being served a hefty fine if their waste is incorrectly disposed of.

For small businesses, making mindful decisions when it comes to recycling and waste disposal can have many benefits. Investigating the recycling and waste management plans available through industry specialists can really help simplify their waste management procedures and offer a business greater confidence in their procedures. Outsourcing waste management also offers businesses the peace of mind that their waste is being deposed of in a way that meets rules and regulations. The last thing a small business needs is to be fined for errors that could be easily avoided.

In this blog from ETM Recycling, we offer a range of recycling and waste management tips for small businesses.

Review and Limit Excess Waste

The first step in any business’ search for a more cost-effective waste management plan is reviewing existing waste habits. Taking the time to see how much waste is being created and within what categories can give a business a better idea of their waste disposal needs. Based on this review, a business should always start by reducing the quantity of waste they produce. Carrying out an effective audit before making any official waste management plans can help keep the process as cost effective as possible.

After reviewing your waste patterns and establishing areas for improvement, your small business can then begin making targeted changes to reduce waste across notable areas.

Separating Recyclable from Non-Recyclable

Starting with the basics, the core of any waste management system is effectively separating recyclable materials from non-recyclable ones. Sorting materials allows later steps within the recycling process to run more smoothly and also helps reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill. Becoming familiar with which items in your workplace are recyclable also ensures that your business is recycling as much of its waste as possible.

Use Fewer Single-Use Products

Another simple one – fewer single use products mean less wate. Within your waste audit, pay mind to how many of the items used within your product or service are single use and consider how you may be able to incorporate an alternative. If your small business relies heavily on paper resources, you may wish to investigate paperless alternatives.

Outsource Your Small Business’ Waste Management

After reviewing and implementing internal measures such as those suggested above, it is important to frequently re-assess how much waste your small business is generating. If the small steps outlined are working, your business may see a reduction in waste quantities. On the other hand, as your business grows, it is likely that waste production will increase. This is not to say that small internal steps are ineffective, it just shows that internal mindfulness may need to be paired with professional services as your small business scales.

When demand increases, recruiting the services of a waste management company, such as ETM Recycling, can help your small business keep on top of its waste and recycling. Many waste disposal specialists offer tailored waste disposal plans to fit the needs of the business. Outsourcing your waste management offers you pace of mind that your waste is being disposed of in the most efficient, cost effective and regulation compliant way possible Recruiting the help of an external waste company also offers your small business greater flexibility unlike the ridged and sometimes unreliable waste collection services offered by local councils.

Here at ETM Recycling, our services cover recycling, waste management, tipping, skip hire, grab hire and road sweeper hire – meaning that whatever your business’ needs are, we are able to assist with your waste and recycling requirements.

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