Recycled aggregates are praised for being sustainable construction materials, repurposing aggregates for further use and helping to reduce landfill.

This guide will give an overview of recycled aggregates, including what they are made of, how they are used and their associated benefits.

At ETM Recycling, we receive and process hundreds of tonnes of aggregate material for repurposing. Find out about our recycled aggregates services here.

What are Recycled Aggregates?

Aggregates are granular materials used in construction such as concrete, asphalt, gravel and sands. These materials may initially be costly to purchase and produce in money and energy. Aggregates can be reprocessed and recycled multiple times, with economic and environmental benefits, and are therefore labelled ‘green’ construction materials.

Recycled aggregates are used across a variety of sectors, most prominently construction. From residential to road construction, recycled aggregates are ideal for bases, fills and drainage structures.

How are Aggregates Recycled?

There are different processes for aggregate recycling according to type, use and legislation.

Generally, the process begins with materials being crushed to smaller pieces, screened to remove dusts and soils, and washed to remove impurities. The repurposing process uses multiple machines and specialist methods to ensure quality is not altered.

Here at ETM Recycling we have invested in crushing machinery and dedicated technologies at our advanced Material Recovery Facility to process and recycle aggregates for further use. Find out more about our state-of-the-art facilities here.

Types of Recycled Aggregates

There are many types of recycled aggregates fulfilling a range of construction needs. From effective draining to compacted layers or bases, recycled aggregates are widely used for a variety of projects and purposes.

ETM Recycling supply the following recycled aggregates.


A mixture of crushed hardcore and concrete usually up to 75mm down to a fine dust. Very durable and therefore used in compaction. Suitable for application as first layer due to effectiveness on wet or soft ground.

Green Type 1 Recycled

Mixture of various aggregates with clean quarry stone varying between 50mm-10mm. Typically used as hard base for asphalt or concrete.

Pipe Bedding

Crushed and screened concrete, brick and gravel, perfect for free draining around pipes. Used mostly by utility companies.


10mm down product often used for backfilling trenches.


Screened for minimal stone content, ideal for landscaping.


Topsoil screened to reduce impurities, mainly for landscaping use.

Recycled Aggregates Benefits

Environmentally Friendly

In our evermore environmentally conscious world, recycled materials are increasingly valued. The reprocessing of aggregates ensures they avoid being disposed of in landfill and adding to pollution.

Avoiding the transfer of waste to landfill is critical to environmental well-being and is a core value of ETM Recycling. We currently recycle 98% of the waste we handle and are always looking to increase this amount to become a zero-waste-to-landfill company.

Find out more about ETM Recycling.

Cost Effective

It doesn’t cost much to repurpose aggregates, especially compared to the purchase of virgin materials. Over the years processes and technologies have improved allowing for increased recycling at lower costs without compromising quality. Waste management providers, like ETM Recycling, offer competitive rates for these highly versatile and valued materials.


Recycled aggregates are just as durable and effective as freshly quarried materials. Recycled aggregates make effective bases, fillers, and drainage. Good sourcing and processing by professionals ensures quality is maintained.


Recycled aggregates are used frequently across many industries and for many varying projects. This means supply and demand work in tandem to create a continuous stream of recycled aggregates.

Preserves Natural Resources

Using recycled aggregates means that less or no virgin materials need to be collected. Therefore, quarries will maintain their resources for longer and be there to supply future generations. This also means less energy is used to quarry, transport and process virgin materials.

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We process high quality recycled aggregates for delivery or collection, catering for all company sizes and requirements. If you have a construction project or company and are looking for high quality recycled aggregates at competitive costs, contact ETM Recycling.

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